The Tournament

Evanfest – Laxgiving for Children in Need

March 8, 2019

Today, after a dozen years of providing both financial and emotional support to families dealing with a life-threatening illness, we are both excited and proud to announce the next stage in our mission.  Our initial Strategic Plan was to embrace Evan Brady’s absolute zeal for the game to present an annual Lacrosse tournament that would serve as the driving engine in creating both a preeminent level of name recognition along with an acute awareness of the challenges that the families of seriously ill children face on a daily basis.  From the get-go, the Board recognized the absolute necessity for the Tournament to create a level of interest and passion for our cause that would be sustainable over the long term. To state that it has succeeded beyond Patrice and Bill Brady’s wildest dreams would be a gross understatement!  To date, we have raised over a million dollars and provided grants to over 300 families…but our job is far from done!

Even when Evanfest was merely a whisper on Patrice and Bill’s shared heartstrings, they knew they wanted to dedicate themselves for the long term.  In consultation with the founding group of friends who served as the initial Board, they recognized that to create a truly sustainable organization, we needed to remain vigilant in listening to the voices and concerns of our supporters.  One of the concerns that have been raised over the last few years, is the emergence of school, club, and travel teams as a major component of the recruiting efforts of high schools and colleges.  The increased access to quality coaching and competition has been a positive development driving the growth of Lacrosse.  However, like any significant development, there are displacements.  Parents are now confronted with myriad choices in their drive to provide an educational advantage to their children.  At the same time, the spring schedule has become saturated with team activities and tournaments each vying for a fixed number of calendar dates.  We have listened to your concerns and have heard you loud and clear.

Rather than dilute our presence, which might jeopardize our ability to remain true to the successful fulfillment of our mission, we have decided to focus our efforts in another, more forward-looking direction.  To ensure that the legacy of the Evanfest Tournament remains one of unmitigated triumph, we have decided to allow last year’s success to serve as our pinnacle effort and instead direct our future energies in an even more productive direction.  Although we will not be hosting the Evanfest Tournament this year, please be assured that all other facets of the Evanfest Foundation, particularly our work with the families, will go on unabated.  We would be remiss however if we failed to stop and thank all of you for your continued herculean dedication, commitment, hard work, enthusiasm, generosity, time, blood, sweat, and yes, sometimes tears in the advancement of our cause. 

However, our foe has not been vanquished yet!  With the grace of God, we are not done and, we pray that neither are you!  Over the coming weeks, we will be communicating to you our strategic plan.  It is our most fervent hope that we may continue to rely upon each of you for your continued perseverance.

Retreat Hell!  We are just attacking in another direction!