Learning that your child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is every parent’s worst nightmare.
This life-altering event is full of challenges, stress, pressure, and complications that obviously become difficult and draining. Financial pressures in dealing with treatment, recovery, and the extended care of a loved one become additional and significant burdens. No amount of insurance or support from friends and family can address the unexpected additional expenses that inevitably will arise.

Since our inception, EVANFEST is proud to have raised over one million dollars and provided grants to over 280 families. Our ability to provide these grants is only limited by the amount of donations generated.

Grants from EVANFEST serve to help families whose children face life-threatening illnesses.

EVANFEST has established a network of social workers at a number of the Tri-State medical facilities. These social workers are instrumental in providing the families that need our help.

For grant information please contact: